Who we are

Cascade Clean Energy uses machine learning technology to select smart microorganisms to generate clean energy and other reusable resources from various wastes (solid, liquid, or gas). Our mission is to operate a sustainable, energy effective system of wastewater treatment that reduces costs while also extracting clean energy from the wastewater. We are constantly looking for new sources of renewable energy. We have built more than 20 power generation systems from wastes

The Problem

About 2.6 billion people (42%) of Earth’s population lack access to basic sanitation. Inadequate handling of wastewater has serious consequences for human health, the environment and economy. Wastewater can increase the risk of infectious diseases, and deteroprate groundwater and other local ecosystems. The cost of treating wastewater can be very high and governments often have insufficient resources available for mitigating action.

The Solution

Waste Water Works (WWW) is a sustainable wastewater treatment solution developed at CASCADE. It increases the efficiency of clean energy production (e.g. methane, hydrogen or electricity) from wastewater, while maximizing the efficiency of Microbial Fuel Cell (MFC). Ninety-nine percent of current wastewater treatment facilities do not recover any energy from wastewater, while the remaining 1% only harvest 15% of the total energy stored in the organic waste.

The Future

This represents a $15 billion market in the U.S., and there is potentially $60 billion globally addressable by business solutions. Our solutions have the potential to generate $10 billion of methane or electricity and save another $10 billion in energy costs in the U.S. alone, while also cleaning dirty water in the process.