Mr. Charles Hill Jr., the President and CEO of Cascade Clean Energy, Inc., a veteran from the US Army engineering team, has extensive experience in management of civil engineering, logistics, fragile, and remote complex systems in both defense and commercial industries. He brought in his expertise in business and engineering to the team since the beginning of the company. He led the team from 2009 to 2014 working on a bioenergy program funded by California Energy Commission by implementing smart microbes selected using Cascade technology.

Charles founded Quantum Intelligence, Inc. and he was one of the principal investigators for the BioSpice program funded by DARPA. He invented and patented the CASCADE technology that provides the basis for the bio-energy work being done by Cascade Clean Energy. He holds a Sc. D. from MIT. Prior to founding Quantum Intelligence, He worked at IBM where he was principal consultant for over 30 customers and partners in life sciences, bioinformatics and ecommerce. While at Intel, Dr. Zhou pioneered using data mining to improve microchip yields.

Sean is a Professional Engineer specializing in renewable energy project development. Sean is a co-founder of Cascade Clean Energy and worked with Dr. Charles Zhou in developing its business plan for the Clean Tech Open. Sean has been with Manuel Bros. since 1999. He has worked extensively with several renewable technologies and is in the process of developing demonstration projects in biomass, methane optimization, and clean coal. Sean has managed over $60 million in contracting and design build projects. He brings 20 years of experience in the science and construction industries having design experience in civil and electrical engineering. Sean Kilgrow was honored with the Collagen Award for Outstanding Work in Science and Technology for his work in mathematics from the University of Alabama. Sean is also the co-author of two technical papers and has one patented pending invention. His work also includes research in direct heat conversion to electricity using solid-state devices. Sean has presented his work at the International Geothermal Conference in Reykjavik, Iceland on solid-state electrical conversion using geothermal resources.